Prof. Slobodan Slovic, PhD. Sc. is one of the most renowned financial experts in the region. He has worked as a CEO, an investment advisor, and a member of the board of directors at private and government banks across Europe for decades.

What is Themis Ecosystem

He took his time and carefully examined the newest and biggest Roberto Hroval’s project, the Themis Ecosystem, its drivers like Project Phoenix8, the big picture behind, its leverage, long-term economic overview, and more.

Themis Ecosystem is a US$ 22 billion all-in-one platform that enables average people to become CO2 neutral by supporting breakthrough, green technologies without changing their lifestyles, as the founder Roberto Hrvoal describes it.

He explains that four main technologies, called the drivers, have already been confirmed to join the Themis ecosystem. The fifth one is “not confirmed yet but the team is working on it relentlessly.”

“This is not good… It’s brilliant.”

Prof. Slovic described himself as “not the easiest person to impress”. Besides working as a professor of finance and investment, he is also a highly reputable investor. He knows how to scan the project, can read between the lines, and has a sixth sense for charlatans and con artists.

“Now that the first drivers of the system have begun to be built, we can say that D-day has been exceeded,” Prof. Slovic said. “The system quietly came to life and its leverage began to materialize.”

“The price of the Industrial Token (iTo) also began to rise slowly. Its price is expected to rise until ´day zero´ when the Online Industrial Exchange is officially open and a large number of people will be able to join. At that time, the so-called short-term economic plan comes into force and after that the long-term plan, supported by innovative algorithms.”

Prof. Slovic also touched on the expansion of the project. “Extremely carefully designed expansion plan in three phases brings reciprocal impact on the price of iTo. In the medium term, it can exceed the magic number of US$ 450 for iTo. Price is formed as a result of the market value of the products that iTo represents. Given market price trends, this value is likely to grow even higher. At the same time, I do not take into account the arrival of various mind-blowing technologies that will join the Themis Ecosystem in the future. They will increase the price of iTo as well. We have calculated that the first driver alone represents an organic value of US$ 128 billion in the medium term.”

Based on truth, no speculations

“The first best thing about this system,” he continues, “is the truth. No speculations. The second thing, in addition to financial gain, is the distribution of negative CO2 for the iTo owners. They don’t buy CO2 negativity through countless intermediaries and speculators. They get it directly from the source. This is where the brilliance of the system comes into play. This is prosperity and global warming gas reduction on a whole new level. A new green deal for all.”

“Here is why. By owning industrial Tokens, the holder–in addition to the value in money–also possesses negative CO2 and becomes carbon footprint-neutral. The system itself calculates the threshold for CO2 negativity because according to statistics we know how much CO2 the average family in Europe, the USA, or Asia produces. When the holder holds an excess of negative CO2, it adds up to the common good of the planet. You can see this total on the ´board´ on the Themis Ecosystem’s website. We can say that the holders theoretically contribute to the cleansing of the planet without changing their lifestyles.

“An extremely smart move was also the opening of the support platform We4Next Nation. Like-minded people will be able to join, do good deeds, clean the planet, and, at the same time, earn money. Namely, according to a special mechanism called ´I Care For´ program, iTos will be awarded to the first 200,000 supporters who will simply write a good thought on the topic of the planet and the future.”

“It inspires me…”

In his review, he boldly claims that [The Themis Ecosystem] easily qualifies as the best project he has come across in his career: “The solution is deeply analyzed, precisely prepared, and smartly designed. It, finally, solves top global problems. It monetizes them and reduces the carbon footprint. All at the same time. And the team has an impressive background.”

“It inspires me,” he added, “not just as an experienced economist but also as a recognized investor, and as a responsible member of my community. The project is also very ‘healthy’, with a great short and long-term investment potential.”

Fourteen lorries with equipment have already arrived, six more to come

In his in-depth debate with the founder Roberto Hroval, he also exposed the human nature of investors. “Now, when the equipment for the first Themis driver is about to get assembled on the first European construction site, people get excited. This is normal. Only early supporters, the brave ones, were able to recognize the opportunity and support the project. Now, many others will approach and try to jump on a bandwagon, I suspect. But this is only the beginning. I predict a very bright future for the project.”

In the meantime, the team is working expeditiously on importing parts for the factory. Fourteen lorries with equipment have already arrived at the location, six more trucks are expected shortly.