Emmy-winning actress Drea de Matteo told Donald Trump Jr. in a podcast interview that many prominent celebrities like herself are against Biden’s agenda but are afraid to speak out.

De Matteo, who rose to fame in HBO’s “The Sopranos,” spoke with former President Trump’s son on a recent episode of his “Triggered” podcast. De Matteo has a history of slamming cancel culture, even starting a streetwear brand called “Ultrafree” that helps “promote free speech.”

De Matteo spoke about how she has changed her opinions on certain issues such as illegal immigration, and that while she previously voted for Biden based on sympathy for illegal immigrants, the chaos at the border has changed her mind. After showing off a cap from her friends’ company, Sloppy Tease, that read “Close the border you moron,” they discussed the mass illegal immigration of able-bodied, fighting-age men. “I just don’t know that they’re here to support the American people,” de Matteo said.

Trump Jr. noted that he had met some of de Matteo’s former co-stars in New York and suggested, “I don’t feel like a lot of those guys were leftist liberals,” yet even so, he did not want to out them as non-liberals until they wanted to come forward themselves. He then asked de Matteo if she had noticed other Hollywood actors also question modern leftist policy, but who don’t quite “have the guts to do what you’re doing.”

Drea de Matteo told Donald Trump Jr. that many celebrities are afraid to speak out against leftists. @DonaldJTrumpJr / X

While de Matteo still considers herself a liberal in a certain sense, she said she has been against modern far-left trends for a long time, even if she has been open about it only recently. “I really did want to fight, but I didn’t think I had, A, the voice, B, the balls,” but said everything changed once she “got thrown to the wolves.”

De Matteo starred on “The Sopranos.” Getty Images

She added, “And once I was out there, I was like, ‘I’m out here, what am I going to do? I’m out of my cage.’ Like, I may as well just, you know, do what I got to do.” After noting she has been supported by her boyfriend, God, and her children, she said, “they believe in what we believe in, which is freedom and unity the right way, not unity the way this administration was trying to push. That was bulls—.”

She said that the border crisis made her lose faith in Democrats. @DonaldJTrumpJr / X

She continued to slam the Biden administration, arguing, “They took every social agenda and used that and used these social issues as pawns to further their administration, did nothing but divide people.”

“This administration has just been hammering all of these things,” she argued, “and people in Hollywood are petrified. What, are you going to speak out against race, and sex, and all of that stuff? People are afraid to have those conversations, because first of all, you never win with a liberal, you’re just never gonna win.”

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