Chris Cuomo said he has no regrets about advising his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on strategy to beat back sex misconduct claims — secret discussions which ultimately led to his being fired from his CNN primetime gig.

“For me, the past is the past, and there is no benefit to you if I re-litigate what was said and done involving my brother,” the younger Cuomo said on the first episode of his new podcast, “The Chris Cuomo Project.”

“And there are some outstanding legal fights that I have respect, but let me be clear: I do regret how everything ended, but I will never regret helping my family.”

Cuomo then invoked his dad, Mario Cuomo, saying that he vowed to the late New York governor that he would come to Andrew’s aid if the need arose.

“I promised my father that I always would be there for my brother, and I always will be, just like he has always been there for me, just like my sisters have been there for me, and have been there for him,” Cuomo said.

“That’s family.”

Cuomo on Thursday debuted a new podcast, ending a seven-month hiatus after being dumped by CNN.
Chris Cuomo/Instagram

During Cuomo’s podcast, which is billed as “his signature take on today’s pressing current events — and explores how these stories are being covered by all sides of the media,” he also said he had no ill will toward his former employer, CNN.

“As for CNN, I will never be a hater,” he said.

“CNN has great people, CNN has a great purpose, and I wish them all the best, and I miss so many of the people there.”

He added: “But it is time for me to move on, and I believe I can be more than I was before.”

Thursday’s episode marked the end of a seven-month hiatus for the former “Cuomo Prime Time” star who was dumped by CNN in December after it was learned that he helped the former governor’s team do damage control in the face of multiple allegations of wrongdoing.

Andrew Cuomo, who has denied the allegations, resigned the governorship in August.

Chris Cuomo filed a $125 million arbitration claim against CNN, accusing the network of sullying his reputation and destroying his career prospects and future earnings.

Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN in December after it learned that he helped his brother craft communications and political strategy.
Chris Cuomo was fired by CNN after it was learned that he helped his brother craft communications and political strategy.
Chris Cuomo/Instagram

CNN’s lawyers also learned that the former network star was accused of sexually assaulting a female temp worker when they were both employed by ABC News more than a decade ago. Cuomo has denied the allegations.

His ouster from CNN also led to the end of his SiriusXM radio show as well as a canceled book deal with publishing house HarperCollins.

Cuomo is scheduled to give his first televised interview since his ouster from CNN on Tuesday. He will take questions from NewsNation’s Dan Abrams at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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