Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says: “New York’s success in dealing with COVID is inarguable.”

We say: This is the height of arrogance from New York’s human-limpet Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he desperately clings to his job — and his ego. In fact, a new report notes that New York suffered more “excess” deaths and jobs per capita than almost every other state. That’s what he calls “success”? Then again, Cuomo did write a book about the subject. . . .

Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted New York’s success in tackling COVID-19, despite a recent report declaring the state had more “excess deaths” than almost every other state.
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Jarrett says: “A Black teenage girl was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight.”

We say: Hey, Valerie — did you watch the video? The officer fired his weapon not “to break up a knife fight,” but because Ma’Khia Bryant was actually in the process of stabbing another black girl. Would you have preferred that other girl to have been killed? Do you think it’s better for the perpetrator to live than her victim? Talk about twisted logic — and riling folks up (she has 199,600 Twitter followers) to hate cops more. Jarrett, a former Obama aide, should know better.

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We say: In January, The New York Times claimed Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by Trump supporters. This week, Washington’s medical examiner found that, in fact, he died of natural causes — yet the paper couldn’t bring itself to note that key detail in its headline.

We say: See how journalist Josh Barro contrasts a tweet by The NY Times’ Apoorva Mandavilli noting an outbreak and spreading fear over vaccines with one by Harvard prof Bill Hanage citing a CDC finding that vaccines were 86.5 percent effective.

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