City Hall is again getting set to move “Charging Bull” — going through the motions of consulting with the artist and the community as it cites supposed security concerns. Give us a break.

Deputy Mayor Annie Colarusso got stuck as point person on the unpopular push to stick the statue in front of the Stock Exchange. But she’s unable to give a convincing rationale.

Team de Blasio is plainly obsessed with moving the Bull: A year ago, it was blaming crowd-control issues — but those clearly abated considerably once another crowd-pleaser, “Fearless Girl,” got shifted away.

Now the alleged concern is to guard against an attack like the deadly 2017 West Street truck terrorism — although the Bull’s spot is far less attack-vehicle friendly, and concrete blocks serve the security function now.

Notably, Bowling Green Association head Arthur Piccolo isn’t buying the city’s claims that “subsurface infrastructure” makes it impossible to set up permanent protective bollards. He wants the city to not just assert a difficulty but to prove it — if it can.

Arturo Di Modica created the statue to symbolize (and cheer) the Financial District’s optimistic animal spirits after the 1987 crash.

When the mayor is a guy who honeymooned in Havana and says New York’s money “is in the wrong hands,” you really have to wonder if the sculpture’s message isn’t the real reason why the de Blasio administration is so determined to pen in the “Charging Bull.”

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