Incredibly, six of the illegal migrants charged in that vicious Times Square attack on NYPD officers have been offered plea deals. The message: Progressives just don’t care about lawlessness.

That’s right: Illegally enter the country, illegally flee from the border to Gotham, openly assault cops and you’ll get no more than a slap on the wrist. 

And you’ll likely get to stay in America, since New York City refuses to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement on handing over illegals who commit crimes.

Yohenry Brito, Darwin Gomez, Wilson Juarez in Manhattan Criminal Court on May 14, 2024 for a hearing after allegedly attacking a police officer in Times Square in January.
Yohenry Brito, Darwin Gomez and Wilson Juarez in Manhattan Criminal Court on May 14, 2024, for a hearing after allegedly attacking police officers in Times Square in January. Steven Hirsch

Three of the migrants face a year — a year! — in prison for their literal assault on law and order. 

One, Yohenry Brito, turns out to have been rearrested after a lefty priest bailed him out when he was initially nabbed; Brito then was let walk on the second crime, a Macy’s shoplift attempt. 

Two of the vile crew face only six months in prison, despite allegedly being members of Venezuela’s feared Tren de Aragua gang. 

Worst of all, this is the system working as progs intend. 

Remember, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg dragged his feet on going after the migrant cop-beaters until after they’d left town — moving only when an outraged public began to make noise. 

His philosophy means that violent crooks get infinite free chances, even when they attack cops, and the deck is now so stacked against actual prosecutions that when a few do face any consequences, they’re meaningless consequences. 

That the attack was against police officers only amplifies the horror. 

New York’s prosecutorial system is signaling that it’s open season on cops. 

And the picture is just as grim nationally as well. 

The open-borders freaks driving federal immigration policy (or lack thereof) are ideological comrades of the moral morons behind New York’s criminal justice “reforms.”  

Witness the woke El Paso judge who let off the hook a migrant mob that bum-rushed border fences and guards.

That’s why fiscal 2024 encounters are likely on pace to shatter the already-record 2023 numbers.

And why the chaos is set to continue, with the full blessing of the president and his party.

If this is protecting and defending against all enemies foreign and domestic, we’d hate to see what giving up looks like. 

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