The Issue: New York leaders’ push for the Biden administration to speed up work visas for migrants.

Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams claim that work permits for migrants will lead to self-sufficiency (“Kat demands WH, not state, ‘do something,’ ” Sept. 14).

Taxpayers will still be on the hook for all expenses of dependents and costs that entry-level jobs don’t begin to cover.

And off-the-books employment will not impact housing, education, medical and food benefits. This proposal is an invitation for everyone to keep coming.

Michael Horowitz


Mayor Adams seems to think that giving the illegals immigrants working papers will solve all the city’s problems. Think again.

A person who is earning minimum wage will never be able to afford a apartment in New York City. They will still need a subsidized income.

If the order is passed to give them work papers, every illegal immigrant in the United States will be looking to settle here, causing more problems

The only solution is to close the borders.

Anthony Amore

Staten Island

As I read “White House plays game on visas,” (Sept. 13), I was hardly surprised that the Biden White House has pushed blame onto Congress for migrant work-visa delays.

I feel the pain that Mayor Adams is going through with the migrant stampede. The mayor wonders aloud if the city can survive it all. I do, too.

Up here in Massachusetts, we have the exact same problem happening, as migrants start arriving in large numbers. Like the Big Apple, the influx is a big hurt. Our politicians are also asking for help on work visas from Washington.

Kudos also to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for giving it back to Adams after the mayor called Abbott a “madman” for shipping folks up from Texas.

The real source to blame isn’t Texas, it is our national government abdicating its role to control our borders.

Yet liberal Democrats in Washington keep escaping blame. Local politicians need to start placing the blame where it belongs.

Salvator Giarratani

Boston, Mass.

We have critical shortages in construction and truck driving. We have millions of young, strong migrants who would be thrilled to work hard and earn good money. We can also teach them the trades that Americans no longer want to do.

Fast-track work permits for sectors with shortages. Vet them, teach them English and give them a driver license stamped “non-voter.”

Carol Meltzer


Doesn’t anybody see the elephant in the room?

Who thinks that granting unskilled, non-English-speaking migrants work permits will allow them to secure jobs which will then provide them enough income to live in New York City?

All this will provide is low-income, unskilled labor to compete against American unskilled labor.

Companies need this migrant labor because they are not providing a livable wage or upward mobility, so low-income Americans are opting out and collecting government benefits rather than take these jobs.

The American taxpayer will still have to subsidize these working migrants, adding to our burgeoning, unsustainable entitlement programs.

Elizabeth Beese

Palm Coast, Fla.

The problem with work visas is not knowing how many are needed.

Simply closing the border would allow an accurate accounting.

Jeffrey De Pew

Toms River, NJ

How absurd and futile for Hochul and Adams to seek expedited work permits for the migrants as employers are fleeing the state.

Rather than spending billions on housing them until their status is adjudicated, wouldn’t it be better just to pay their passage to China so they could begin to seek out the economic opportunities that we’ve surrendered to them over the last three decades?

The Chinese would surely welcome yet another source of cheap labor, and we could all live “happily ever after.”

End of fairy tale.

James Evans

Worcester, Mass.

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