The raw material or commodity exchange called OIX (Online Industrial Exchange), a significant part of a Themis Ecosystem, just got better. The team implemented some substantial changes and safety upgrades. Key background elements have been updated, the main process has been updated, and bookkeeping checks are executed up to date for transparent operation.

One of the upgrades is also a new visual appearance and new logo design. It looks much more corporative, fresh, and contemporary.

A brief description of Themis Ecosystem and OIX

Themis Ecosystem (TE) is revolutionizing the way industrial companies operate. It’s a ten million US dollars worth of platform that has been developed to provide a new solution for hi-tech industrial companies – so-called “drivers” – that want to expand quickly and without all the scaling hassle.

One of the most notable features of the TE is its all-new exchange, called Online Industrial Exchange (OIX). The OIX, an all-in-one and a heart of the Themis Ecosystem, is quickly gaining popularity. It represents a solution for scaling production, lowering CO2 emissions, and selling final products for the selected companies. OIX also offers them access to a global network of buyers and sellers, streamlined trading processes, and real-time market data. Additionally, the OIX ensures that transactions are secure and transparent.

On the other hand, it also offers enormous solutions to the supporters. They can buy and trade the final products of the “drivers” directly from the companies, with no fees, and therefore gain financial benefits (if sold later for a higher price). The other huge benefit is reducing personal or family CO2 emissions and saving the environment. (More about that comes later in this article.)

But its primary function is trading. Supporters can buy and sell all kinds of goods that “drivers” produce with no middlemen or commissions. Because different drivers produce different products, the team was forced to find a standard “measurement unit” that would play a role of a common denominator.

They invented iTo with the official business name Industrial Raw Material Unit (IRMU). So every product the driver produces – for example, green electricity, organic carbon, and special metals – is converted into iTo/IRMU.

One of the newest security upgrades of OIX is adding two-factor authentication (2FA) in addition to a traditional one-step authentication.

The process of 2FA is employed for managing identity and access with enhanced security measures, where a user must provide two different forms of identification to access resources and data. Using 2FA, users can effectively monitor and protect their critical information and networks against potential security breaches.

Why is Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) so unique?

There are many commodity exchanges, but they all operate in an old, soulless manner. Their only focus is profit. OIX, however, doesn’t even allow companies to join to gain profit alone. If the project is not focused on doing good for humanity long-term, it cannot be accepted.

There are many unique requirements the projects much meet. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

The first is solving a pressing global, long-term problem in the essential economic branches such as alternative energy, medicine, food, transportation, IT, housing, waste management, etc.

The approach and solution should be new and unique, adapting to a new, nature-preserving age. Consequently, this kind of solution must be in demand for at least several decades ahead and be scale-friendly.

The second requirement is carbon emission negativity. That means the process must reduce harmful gas CO2, creating an environmentally sustainable impact. Every company obtains a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study for its technological process. It predicts how energy and environmentally efficient it actually is. LCA precisely reveals how much energy the process consumes because of all supply chains, general consumption, all emissions, etc. The analysis clearly shows whether the process pays off; from several aspects, not just for an economic benefit.

Advanced technologies included in OIX are organized to minimize CO2 emissions. For example, they have to consume waste and other rare raw materials to produce electricity locally. Otherwise, they would have to bring them from far away, creating much more CO2 emissions. Not to mention mining, exploitation of workers, and environmental disasters that happen in some far-distanced areas that we pretend they don’t exist.

From an environmental point of view, the process saves a large amount of CO2 in this way. The process gives the same results as extracting CO2 gas from the environment.

The following requirement is willing to convert final products into iTo/IRMU. One of the innovations incorporated into iTo is its two-part composition. The first one is the proportional part of the product the company creates; for example, green-alternative electricity. The second one is a proportionate part of the CO2 negativity created during the whole process.

Another requirement for listing on OIX is the company must be prepared and willing to expand. One of the reasons is boosting the price of its iTos. Here the brilliancy of the team comes in. The additional market values of all newly-created products and an additional amount of CO2 negativity created by industrial scaling are added to the existing volume of iTos/IRMUs. That is the reason why its prices will rise in general.

Saving the planet and lowering personal CO2 negativity without changing lifestyle

CO2 negativity is not good just for the planet. It is a serious business, too. OIX is the first – and, as we know, the only – platform allowing companies to incorporate CO2 negativity into a final product.

So, when the supporters buy Industrial Raw Material Unit or iTo, they buy two things simultaneously: the tangible product plus carbon emission negativity, combined into one neat unit. That act alone contributes to lowering personal and family CO2 negativity without changing their lifestyles.

In the last few years, lowering personal carbon emissions has become huge and has gone mainstream. People want to be responsible for the environment and save the planet. One of the ways is to change lifestyle: drive less, use fewer appliances, shop less, create less waste, etc.

Now, OIX offers a new, way more pleasant solution. People can continue their lifestyles and reduce their CO2 emissions by buying enough iTos/IRMUs (that match the CO2 created by the buyer or their family).

Three phases of OIX development and the latest plans

The Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) will evolve through three phases. The company has already released one IRMU called PP8 iTo. The first phase, which has passed, was reserved for early supporters such as friends, family, and business partners.

The initial price of PP8 iTo was US $0.20, but today the price has risen to US $22.06. The second phase is set to begin, and OIX will welcome larger and more prominent investors with their lists of clients. After that, anyone can join the Themis Ecosystem family and buy or sell iTos on OIX.

Roberto Hroval, the founder of OIX, stated, “OIX is an innovation in itself, and we will introduce many new things that have never been done before. That’s why we need three phases to ensure everything works properly, without glitches.” Hroval confirmed that the project’s progress is quicker than expected, and the team is approximately seven years ahead of schedule. The main challenge is simplifying the process while making it highly innovative and helpful for everyone involved.

With such progress, daily accommodations are necessary. In the background, special agreements and preparations are being made with customers to purchase the first larger iTo/IRMU packages. Hroval confided that he couldn’t reveal more at this moment, but he’s happy that the project has attracted the interest of the right people. The entire project is taking on new dimensions, and discussions and coordination are underway regarding the price of iTos/IRMUs. The team is trying to launch OIX in the shortest possible time and as efficiently as possible.

With the arrival of larger buyers, a significant increase in the price of PP8 iTo/IRMU is expected. According to the internal directive and strict conditions regarding the operation of OIX, the price of iTos should constantly increase. The connection of more people and more significant customers brings a whole new level of support for the project. The Themis Ecosystem is a sophisticated, all-in-one industrial, environmental, and people ecosystem. The team’s job is to find breakthrough industries of the future and offer people a chance to buy them before they peak.

The Themis Ecosystem currently focuses on the European market, but the team also plans to expand to the American market.