Being principled doesn’t always pay off.

The two writers who helped derail the Gawker 2.0 relaunch in January by resigning in protest of controversial comments by management have not landed full-time gigs since.

Maya Kosoff and Anna Breslaw were the first writers hired by Bustle Media Group CEO Bryan Goldberg in early 2019 after he paid $1.35 million to buy the site in July 2018 for a relaunch that remains elusive.

Only a week after they were hired, Kosoff and Breslaw resigned in a joint statement, saying they were angry and upset by the comments and behavior of their boss at the time: Bustle Editorial Director Carson Griffith. Bustle’s human resources department also failed to act, they said.

It’s been tough going ever since.

“Unfortunately I will simply not stop applying for jobs until every single New York media company’s human resources rep personally turned me down and begs me to stop submitting my resume,” Kosoff tweeted on Tuesday.

Reached by Media Ink, Kosoff said she was simply trying to make light of “how hard it is to find a full-time media job right now.”

Breslaw could not be reached for comment, but her LinkedIn profile suggests she is also not working full time since it lists her as a “freelance writer/editor.”

Of course, had Breslaw and Kosoff stayed at Gawker, they would likely have been laid off a few months later.

As The Post reported in July, Gawker postponed its relaunch indefinitely and laid off the entire new staff, including the new editor Dan Peres — hired only two months earlier.

Griffith’s LinkedIn profile indicated she was also out of her job as of August.

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