As Hamas is poised to again reject a truce offer from Israel, we again ask: Why are its useful idiots in the United States so loud and persistent in their demands for a cease-fire?

They block roads, heckle the president, start riots in high schools and assault American Jews.

Are they delusional, or simply Third Worldist quislings?

It is not Israel standing in the way of peace. The terror cadre has no interest in a deal with the Jewish state.

Oct. 7 saw the group, emboldened by President Biden’s endless appeasement of its masters in Tehran, make these murderous desires a reality. 

Hamas terrorists killed 1,200 — including women, babies and the elderly — and took 240 hostage, scores of whom remain in the group’s hands. 

Afterward, Hamas leaders made their genocidal position as clear as can be, promising to carry out more terrorism and murders.

And not only are they the initial belligerents here, their policy of hostage-taking has prolonged the war to this very day

Hamas, remember, could have ended hostilities whenever it wanted by releasing its hostages and created a true cease-fire by permanent self-disarmament.

It chose not to, because the suffering of everyday Gazans forms an integral part of its political and military strategy, both as a propaganda tool and as human shields — hiding its men and arms in civilian locations, building terror tunnels beneath densely populated areas, using hospitals and schools as terror bases, etc. 

Now the group has the blood of thousands of innocent Palestinians on its hands.

Not that it matters to the pro-terror cadres of the American left.

They are more than happy, it seems, to push the propaganda of Ismail Haniyeh and other Hamas leaders, who live lives of luxury in Doha as they plot the elimination of the state of Israel.

For that goal, Hamas will sacrifice every Palestinian, if necessary

So the idea that a truce agreement — let alone a true peace process — can be undertaken with these killers at the helm in Gaza is beyond absurd. 

That Americans want to help midwife one, with all the carnage for Israelis and Palestinians that implies, is obscene.

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