Those to be scene and heard

Guys of plus years are still going good. George Hamilton at West 56th’s Carnegie Club. Smoking cigars. Arrives, gives his credit card, says: “Add 25% for the staff and never bring me a check.”

Tom Brady. Says he’s “unroastable.” Kevin Hart and roastmaster Jeff Ross disagree. Netflix Is a Joke Fest’s “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” streams live Sunday, 8 p.m. EST from LA.

Newly divorced Gisele Bündchen, after 13 years Brady’s wife, maybe didn’t find him fall-down hilarious. Forget that he did good touchdowns.

A David Arquette quote: “Sharing your movies with children or people you don’t know is difficult. You have to say it’s make-believe and that daddy really loves mommy and that this scene kissing is not real. I guess there’s guidelines but I have to ask other actors how they cope with that.”

Ron Howard wanted a doc about Jim Henson. Family footage not seen before. “Jim Henson Idea Man” is first at Cannes Film Festival. Then your living room.

Ron: “I didn’t know where his ‘outlier’ mentality came from. Driven to get his work out there. His creativity never stopped. The ability dazzled me.” It’s May 31 on Disney+. Miss Piggy will even oink enthusiasm.

And a Tony Bennett watercolor of Central Park just sold for $3,900.

Speaking of great old guys, “The Great Gatsby” at the Broadway Theatre has the best scenic design ever ever. Ever. The creator’s name almost eclipses his sets. It’s Paul Tate ­dePoo, the Third.

School of ire learning

Canning antisemitic, anti-Israel protesters swiftly, Google began a template for academia by showing strength and leadership.

But rat-size brains in academia’s big world continue negotiation with the antisemites, plus they pledge not to call cops again. It signals other campuses to push for the same.

Columbia — a core of the problem — encourages students. Claims their rights were violated. Forget the four R’s: reading, writing, ’rithmetic and race. Today’s curriculum is hate and antisemitism.

Academia’s become a major American culture problem for years and now we have a whole generation of grads with zero idea of history or reality and 100% know-how of hate.

Another latent issue is why these schools major in left-wing professors. Why? Because they’re tenured? Never have to work or sweat to bring in a dime? Why?

In a safe house

Given today’s crime surge I’m asked who to call, hire, trust in terms of protecting an event. I know many services.

However, at a recent party my six-man team — ex-military men, ex-police officers — was from Roger Akiki’s Preferred Security & Investigations.

I once had an evening for Imelda Marcos, then-first lady of the Philippines. Hers was a high-level guest list. Suddenly a South American ambassador’s pocket began to ring. And continued ringing. It was my small bejeweled bedroom alarm clock.

I know about booking security.

In Washington everyone’s on the lookout for white powder. Upon hearing this, Hunter said: “Don’t look at me. I haven’t touched the stuff all day.”

Not even in New York — only in DC, kids, only in DC.

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