What does it take for Joe Biden to grant his political rival Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the Secret Service protection he has been requesting?

Does Kennedy have to be mortally wounded by an assassin’s bullet, like his father and uncle?

RFK Jr. escaped the same fate Friday night when an armed man impersonating a US marshal tried to approach him at a Los Angeles campaign event just two miles from where his father was assassinated in 1968.

His private security team managed to avert catastrophe, but this is exactly the sort of threat he was warned is a uniquely high risk for his campaign.

The alarming security assessment is why he asked the Biden administration in June for an early start on Secret Service protection – but inexplicably he was denied.

Hunter Biden gets a six-car Secret Service motorcade to take him to courtrooms in Delaware and Arkansas, where doors are opened and closed for him as if he were a prince.

The Secret Service rented a house next to his in Malibu for $30,000 per month.

Even after Joe lost eligibility for a detail when his vice presidency ended, Hunter still had the Secret Service running around after him.

When a debit card he shared with Joe got cleaned out by a hooker, two former agents were dispatched within hours to Hunter’s hotel room to find out what happened to “Celtic’s account”, Celtic being Joe’s codename.

When Hunter’s sister-in-law-turned-lover, Hallie Biden, threw his gun in a trashcan opposite a school, two men flashing Secret Service badges turned up at the gun shop within hours and unsuccessfully demanded the very paperwork which now sees Hunter indicted in Delaware. 

If Secret Service protection in perpetuity is available to shield Hunter Biden from the consequences of his bad choices, surely it’s not too much of a burden to protect for the duration of his campaign.

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