Comedian Joe Rogan welcomed an Australian martial artist to his podcast who dumped $1 million in cash out on a table to promote his upcoming fighting tournament, video shows.

Craig Jones, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, made an appearance on the immensely popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast this week and in the middle of the interview said he wanted to show prospective fighters he has the prize money to pay the champs of his inaugural Craig Jones Invitational.

The tournament will compete against the international Abu Dhabi Combat Club [ADCC] Submission Fighting World Championship — regarded as the most elite jiu-jitsu competition in the world where Jones has twice won several medals.

Australian fighter Craig Jones brought the cash to prove he could pay the winners of his new Jiu-Jitsu tournament. JRE Clips

“You brought with you a million dollars in cash which I’ve never seen before — I’ve never seen a million dollars in one place,  … I guess tip it out,” Rogan says, removing some glasses from the table to make room on the table during the interview.

Jones reaches down and pulls up a camo duffel bag and begins dumping stacks of bills on the table as the cameras are rolling.

Many of the bills were loosely stacked together or not at all, Rogan noted.

Rogan commented he had never seen $1 million in front of him before. JRE CLIPS
Jones’s tournament takes place in August. JRE Clips

“Ladies and gentlemen, that is one million dollars in cash. That is so ridiculous,” the comic says, laughing.

Jones is offering a prize of up to $1 million for two weight classes of above 170 lbs. and one below. 

“I mean, this was the proof. I had the idea. I was like, I’ll bring a prop $1 million on Joe Rogan,” Jones told Rogan. 

“But I was thinking then they already don’t believe I have the money. So if I pulled out a prop million and you were like, ‘Oh, that’s fake money,’ then I’m like, ‘oh my tournament’s fucked,’” he concluded.

The Craig Jones Invitational (CJI) website describes the Aug. 16 and 17 tournament as “A nonprofit dedicated to elevating sport and athlete compensation, while simultaneously raising money for charitable causes.”

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