Get ready, America: Kamala Harris is reporting for duty!

The veep — with approval ratings even lower than her boss’s — nonetheless claims to be ready, willing and able to take Joe Biden’s job.

At the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit this week, Harris said she “may have to take over” from Biden and feels prepared to do so if necessary. 

Perish the thought. 

Harris has proven again and again that she doesn’t even have what it takes to be vice president, which is a walk in the park compared to the top gig. 

Biden gave her the border crisis to deal with. Look at the results; it’s no shock people like her even less than they like him.  

She’s Biden’s cheerleader-in-chief for his disastrous election strategy of running on our limping, inflation-choked economy

On everything from AI to Ukraine, she descends into meaningless, muddy word salads when pressed for real answers — and she doesn’t even have the excuse of pushing 81 and slipping into obvious cognitive decline.

It’s beyond obvious that, were Joe to drop his re-election bid, Democrats wouldn’t vote to make Kamala the nominee.  

Indeed, some top Dems (including Sen. Liz Warren) are already publicly nervous about Harris being at the bottom of the ticket. 

After all, voters doubt Biden can finish a second term; having her as prez-in-waiting makes voting Democratic even less attractive.

On the other hand: Harris is incompetent, incomprehensible and widely disliked; she also makes up trivial and easily disproved lies about her own past. 

Put it that way, and she does sound totally perfect to step into Biden’s shoes. 

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