The Issue: This year’s Academy Awards, which saw Anthony Hopkins beat Chadwick Boseman for Best Actor.

I completely agree with Johnny Oleksinski’s critique of this year’s Oscars (“Worst Oscars ever could do them in,” April 26).

Just three minutes into the show, presenter Regina King decided to make it a race-baiting event rather than an entertaining event with her opinion on the Derek Chauvin case. Why don’t these entertainers know they get paid the big bucks to entertain us? I don’t care about their opinions.

Just because you have the platform doesn’t mean you should use it as a self-serving delivery service.

Linda Calabrese


I am absolutely enraged at the reaction of many people to the supposed “snub” of the late, great Chadwick Boseman in favor of Anthony Hopkins (“Gone for Gold,” Johnny Oleksinski,” April 26).

Of course, it’s very sad that Boseman, a superb actor, is gone way too soon. But to give him an Oscar just because he passed away, when the Academy voters clearly felt Hopkins deserved the award more, would have been a travesty, an insult to Boseman’s legacy and totally unjust to Hopkins.

The Academy Awards are supposed to be awarded based on performance quality, not emotions.

Norman Gold

West Hempstead

I applaud the Oscars show for its diversity. It’s admirable and about time. But some believe Hopkins deserved to win. Just because Boseman is black and talented, and unfortunately passed away, doesn’t automatically guarantee an Oscar.

I thought it was admirable Hopkins mentioned Boseman, which shows what a class act he is.

Erica Sloane

New Rochelle

Kudos to Hopkins, who became the oldest actor to win the Best Actor Oscar for his role in “The Father.”

Vin Morabito

Scranton, Pa.

The Issue: The rise in violent crime, homelessness and chaos on the city’s streets over the past year.

When is Mayor de Blasio going to do the right thing by the citizens of New York City (“Open Your Eyes, Blas: Subways Are Unsafe,” PostOpinion, Nicole Gelinas, April 26)?

At least 15 people were shot in one weekend and transit workers and commuters are begging for a greater police presence — yet you defund the Police Department to satisfy the lefties.

Apparently, those who make the most noise get served rather than the silent majority who support this city and will be responsible for bringing it back to life.

Paul Baden

Matawan, NJ

My son and I came in on the train to visit and walk around, go to Penn Station and Grand Central and have lunch.

What a shock to see all the panhandlers and people clearly strung out on drugs and to smell urine in entryways around the Theater District. I haven’t seen it this bad in years. I did see police officers in front of stores monitoring.

We had the best service from the places we visited. The city still has its vibrancy, but I’m not coming back anytime soon until the mayor steps up and understands seriously what is going on in his wonderful city.

KC Malinowski

Farmington, Conn.

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