The Issue: Newly elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s plan not to prosecute minor crimes.

How is it possible that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has set forth the most ridiculously pro-crime policy ever (“Spree pass,” Jan. 5)?

Mayor Adams, new “law-and-order mayor,” are you on board with this? Has New York City officially become the new Wild West?

I’m not a criminal, so I have many questions: Is everything now free at all stores? If I am mugged, or worse, is vigilante justice the way to go?

I’m wondering why and how this will encourage businesses to reopen their offices in New York City? The criminal-friendly Mayor Bill de Blasio years will be remembered as glory days compared to this fresh reign of terror. Welcome to Gotham.

Maria Fleckenstein


The action taken by newly installed Manhattan DA Bragg should come as no surprise to anyone who really took the time to research the candidates.

Bragg is not performing the job he was elected to do — prosecute and uphold the laws of New York.

I recognize that all too often, it is the poorest who end up taking pleas and working their way through the system because they can’t afford attorneys with big pockets to thoroughly investigate the alleged crimes.

That being said, it is not the job of a prosecutor to make broad-brush strokes on what the DA’s office will or will not prosecute based on the charges and not the evidence presented.

Jim Ralston


The agenda that Bragg just announced should have every New Yorker who cares about this city incensed.

He laid out a plan that will be a major roadblock to restoring law and order to a city ravaged by eight years of incompetent and destructive leadership, and it will inevitably lead to even more people being maimed and killed.

This man works for the people of this city, and has no right to impose his irresponsible and reckless policies on our judicial system.

Thomas Urban


Day after day, I read letters from distraught current and former New York City residents bemoaning the down-trending state of the city, with complaint after complaint about the effects of de Blasio and all his failed policies.

Now we have the newly installed Bragg, who intends to inflict more harm on Gotham.

Lost among all the outrage and indignation is the fact that Bragg and the current crop of elected officials have all been elected by less than 20% of the eligible registered city voters. Why isn’t this a bigger issue?

Complain all you want, city dwellers, but until the voter turnouts increase, you will continue to see fringe-type candidates elected to public office and thereby will have to suffer the consequences of their socialist policies. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Robert Falkenburgh

Ballston Lake

I have a feeling that since Manhattan’s new district attorney has made it clear he will not seek a carceral sentence for virtually anything short of murder or deadly assault, a lot of Manhattan bodega owners will be adding a loaded sawed-off shotgun to the items they keep behind the counter.

This is what happens when the public is left to fend for its own safety.

Notice that concerns about out-of-control crime in many big cities run by Democrats have helped push gun sales to near-record highs. None of this is good.

Richard Cattafesta

Bay Ridge

You’ve got to be kidding. New Yorkers elected a new mayor who has a fighting chance to help the city avoid becoming a hellhole, like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.

But they also elected Bragg — a four-star “wokester.” His nutty ideas will pull the rug out from under the mayor and the whole criminal-justice system, leaving law-abiding citizens to suffer even more.

I love New York, and it contains many wonderful people, but let’s face it: They are now outnumbered by leftist nitwits. Good Luck, New York.

Gary Layton

Interlaken, NJ

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