America’s public health “experts” somehow missed the biggest crisis in recent history: the cratering of US life expectancy to near-three-decade lows, per recent data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. 

That’s right! The last time Americans on average were living shorter lives than they are today was in 1996. 

The drop puts us in the top six biggest declines globally and leaves us overtaken by almost every other developed nation. 

We’re 34th in the world on this metric, down 24 places since 2003.

That’s behind Croatia, Colombia and China. 

So while Americans’ actual base-level health was getting steadily worse and worse, our scientific betters were demanding universal masking and vaccine mandates, closing our businesses, shutting our schools, and letting the elderly die isolated in hospitals and care homes.

The “experts” demanded these measures to stop COVID.

Not only did they fail on that front, they ended up masking what’s clearly a far larger and deeper threat. 

Given our high rates of alcohol consumption, something social isolation can worsen, these measures may even have had a hand in lowering life expectancy. 

According to recent data, the average life expectancy in the United States is about 76 years old.
According to recent data, the average life expectancy in the United States is about 76 years old.
Hyejin Kang –

Worse, one researcher doing work parallel to the OECD’s on the issue said that the data show that “premature deaths among Americans are a much larger and older public health issue than previously believed.”

Yet as heart disease and obesity ravaged this country, our elite public health institutions shouted that “Racism is a public health crisis,” made sure that adolescents could get cross-sex hormones, and handed out free needles to drug addicts

In other words: Expert opinion, yet again, completely missed the central problem. 

It’s not kids feeling weird about their bodies.

Or people going unmasked on beaches. 

It’s huge numbers of Americans dying early due to general ill health. 

Catastrophic errors like these are the inevitable result of politicizing science

Real, widespread, deadly problems get ignored because they aren’t sexy enough to grab airtime on major networks or plaudits on X. 

It’s plain we need new experts.

The ones we have are literally killing us

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