Proving once again that the press never learns its lesson, The Washington Post graced us this week with the humdinger: “Trump, GOP seize on campus protests to depict chaos under Biden.” This followed a New York Times headline from December, “As Fury Erupts Over Campus Antisemitism, Conservatives Seize the Moment.” 

In short: Nothing is ever a problem because it’s a problem. It’s only an issue because conservatives “seize” on it, or better yet, “pounce.”

But Americans, particularly Jewish Americans, are coming to their own conclusions about how terrifying these protests are.

A group of people protesting at the 'Gaza Solidarity Encampment' at Columbia University on April 23, 2024
Pro-Palestinian protests have made many, especially Jewish Americans, feel threatened. Anadolu via Getty Images

They witness students taking over public areas, pounding on windows and accosting people, demanding that Israel surrender unconditionally to Hamas terrorists.

They read about activists cheering for Iran over the United States, disappointed that the ayatollah’s missiles didn’t kill more people. It’s ignorance and bile spewed on social media.

No one is “depicting” anything; this is reality.

Oh, but “Republicans highlight images of turmoil, though most of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been peaceful,” The Post continues without shame — using the same language, the same lie, it did during the George Floyd riots. 

No, it is not “peaceful” to chant “from the river to the sea” and call for the eradication of Israel. It is not moral to rip down the posters of kidnapped Israeli civilians. It is hate, pure and simple.

So much seizing and pouncing during the Biden years.

In 2021, the Associated Press reported that, “Conservatives seize on gas crunch to blame Biden, stir base.”

Transgender athletes dominating women sports? The Hill had Republicans “seizing on” that in 2023.

Avery Graziosi, 14, and a group of people holding signs at a press conference with Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman
The Hill claimed Republicans were “seizing on” banning transgender girls from girls’ sports. BRIGITTE STELZER

Conservatives pounced” when soft-on-crime DA Larry Krasner said Philadelphia didn’t have a crime crisis. 

Republicans not only “pounced” on high inflation, but CNN said that they “exploited” the “painful cost-of-living increases.” 

A little fatigued from all the pouncing, Republicans “zeroed in” on Biden’s handling of the border.

Something you may have noticed: All these issues are real. Inflation has exploded under Biden.

Allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports is unfair.

Letting criminals free with no bail and decriminalizing things like shoplifting does lead to an increase in crime.

Illegal migrants are flooding into the country.

Is it “pouncing” to point out the truth? 

Americans are sick of being lied to by a smug journalist elite that claim the problems we face are simply partisan talking points. It has backfired on the press before, and it will backfire on them again.

Americans don’t need anyone to seize on the things they can see for themselves.

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