A producer for Alex Jones’ media site InfoWars accused Megyn Kelly of deceiving the controversial conspiracy theorist by “trapping” him into talking about the Sandy Hook school massacre during an interview in 2017.

Daria Karpova testified in an Austin, Texas, courtroom on Thursday that Jones agreed to an interview with Kelly, who at the time was working for NBC News, with the understanding that the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., would not be discussed.

The parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, who was one of 27 people fatally shot by Adam Lanza on Dec. 14, 2012, before the gunman killed himself, filed a $150 million lawsuit against Jones, who once referred to the massacre as a “hoax.”

Karpova was asked by Jones’ attorney, F. Andino Reynal, why Jones decided to revisit the Sandy Hook killings after keeping quiet about it for months in 2017. The testimony was captured on video and posted by the news site Mediaite.

“I believe that was when Megyn Kelly had reached out to Alex Jones, asking him to appear on her show,” Karpova said.

Jones — who had referred to the Sandy Hook killings as a “hoax” — is being sued by the parents of one of the victims.

“How did Alex respond to the invitation by Megyn Kelly?” Reynal asked.

“At first he — I mean he knows it’s — they lie, but she convinced him that it’s not going to be about Sandy Hook because he explicitly did not want to continue to bring — bring up Sandy Hook and aggravate parents in any way,” Karpova replied.

“She convinced him that this was gonna be a friendly interview — that Sandy Hook was not gonna come up and that, um, it — she just wanted to get to know him as a personality and as a man,” she said.

The Post has sought comment from Kelly’s attorney.

Karpova testified that Kelly traveled to Jones’ hometown of Austin and spent “days” with him to film the interview.

Twenty-seven people, including the gunman, Adam Lanza, died in Newtown, Conn. in Dec. 2012.
Twenty-seven people, including the gunman, Adam Lanza, died in Newtown, Conn., in December 2012.
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She was asked by Reynal when Jones realized that Kelly would indeed bring up the subject of Sandy Hook.

“I believe that he didn’t realize that until it was already time for the interview and it was already taped,” Karpova said.

“She made it all to be about Sandy Hook and she trapped — she set a trap for him that he fell into.”

Karpova was then asked how InfoWars staffers reacted to being “entrapped” by Kelly.

“I mean, everyone was very upset about it,” she said.

Adam Lanza fatally shot 26 people at the school before turning the gun on himself.
Adam Lanza fatally shot 26 people at the school before turning the gun on himself.

“There were people who did not want him to do the interview in the first place, but you really cannot tell Alex what to do.”

“He’s gonna do what he wants to do. Um, and the people were just realizing that it was a really, really bad mistake that he had done.”

Karpova added that Jones was “absolutely horrified by” the fact that the interview aired around Father’s Day.

Jones’ attorney has argued that his client has already been punished by the fact that InfoWars was removed from tech platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Twitter.

Jones is also claiming that his comments are protected by the First Amendment.

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