The Themis Ecosystem team is intensively preparing activities to connect a third technology – or “driver” as they call them – to their selection of the best green technologies. This one comes from the renowned Luxembourg-located company Praimgest S.A. which deals with the purification of a city sewage treatment plant’s sludge. With their innovative and unique approach, very demanding and potentially hazardous waste can be transformed into commercially interesting building material.

After the Project Phoenix8 and AGE Biomass Ultima, a new innovative technology with a billion-dollar goal is selected

The Themis Ecosystem concept is designed to find proven green technologies that are already working, have tremendous potential for expansion, and make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas CO2.

Projects convert their output – end product plus CO2 emissions reduction – into special e-vouchers called Industrial Tokens (iTos). ITos are offered through the Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) directly to the supporters. This means that anyone who wants to support the expansion of selected green projects can buy iTos directly from the provider, without intermediaries and even without fees.

Momentarily, only PP8 iTos are issued but they are not available anymore. They have brought lucky holders a very lucrative price increase. Roberto Hroval, the founder of Themis Ecosystem, announced that he expects the same turn of events with other iTos that are about to be issued.

The problem with hazardous sludge

Both the US and the EU produce around 100 million tonnes of sludge, full of heavy metals and dangerous impurities, yearly. The current technological solution is only incineration, which is an environmental disaster. During heat treatment, hazardous microparticles in the form of air emissions are released directly into the environment.

Innovative LuxVerte Technology does not use this type of heat treatment but safely transforms the sludge into environmentally friendly materials that can be used in construction.

Consequently, it has a big advantage over other technologies while protecting the environment, people, and the planet. It is also competitively priced and affordable for a broader market which is very important.

How the technology works

Ivan Bednjicki, one of the two members of the Praimgest S.A.board of directors – the other is Sasa Perkovic – told us more about the technology. “Our systems are present mainly in the western part of the EU,” he revealed. “LuxVerte technology converts waste sludge, which accumulates as a by-product of urban wastewater treatment, into an environmentally and human-friendly substance. The final product is a waterproof material that can be used as a substitute for clay or geo-composite materials in the construction of sanitary landfills, road construction, restoration of degraded landscapes, and so on. In collaboration with the legendary German Robert Koch Institute, we have developed a unique technology that currently gives us a leading position in the market. But our goals are much bigger.”

In addition to the commercial success itself, the CO2 reduction part of the project is also important. Bednjicki: “According to the LCA analysis, we save approx. 380 kg of CO2 per ton of processed municipal sludge compared to other technologies. Our technological line processes 20,000 tons of sludge per year which means that we save about 7,600 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere yearly! ”

Goals and future projections

Roberto Hroval added that one of the key advantages of this technology is its established value in the business environment. “The key thing is that the technology has been implemented already and users have paid full market value for it,” he says. “This is a basic condition for the expansion that Themis Ecosystem requires from every driver.”

The goal of the expansion of Praimgest S.A. company is to take over 10% of the market share in Europe and the US. The existing business model is being upgraded to a special new model provided by Themis Ecosystem and OIX. Achieving this goal would reduce the greenhouse gas CO2 by 1.9 million tons in the EU and about the same amount in the US. Regarding the Themis Ecosystem scheme, the project could provide 380,000 families with 100% carbon neutrality. The total deal is worth about US$ 8 billion, of which about one-half goes to EU countries and one-half to the USA.

After the Praimgest S.A. and its LuxVerte Technology joins the Themis Ecosystem, Industrial Tokens will be available. Supporters will be able to buy them via OIX. Each iTo will contain, as required by the rules, a certain amount of CO2 negativity and a proportionate share of the final product.