New York City’s crime wave is getting worse each day and night. Wednesday night alone, two people were killed and at least nine others injured, as blood-soaked violence stretched across the city. Seven of the injured were hit by gunfire, including an 8-year-old boy; two were stabbed and two others slashed in the subway.

Not to mention the elderly woman assaulted while leaving a bus.

As the body count rises, Eric Adams remains the only mayoral candidate to make fighting crime and restoring public safety central themes of his campaign. Most of the rest dodge — or insist that policing isn’t the answer.

His chief rival, Andrew Yang, is looking completely clueless: On Thursday, he flubbed responses to questions about the state’s repeal of 50a, a law that shielded police disciplinary records from the public, and on the city’s overbroad law criminalizing not just chokeholds but many other police restraints. He needed a handler to whisper the answers to him.

The victims of this violence are predominantly poor and minority. They and their survivors don’t need lefties like Scott Stringer or Maya Wiley droning on about root causes without giving any solutions to the mayhem now.   

All New Yorkers deserve to be safe in their homes and in public. Eric Adams gets that. He knows that New York City’s economic comeback begins with public safety and aims to target criminals, not all young men — and to help potential gangbangers make different and better choices.

Adams is by far the best bet not only to work for safe streets, but to deliver them.

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