The complaints and comments swirling around ex-ABC News weatherman Rob Marciano‘s alleged anger issues seem like a “hit job,” according to a person who regularly worked with the meteorologist.

Marciano was fired from the network, where he worked for nearly a decade, on Tuesday over “alleged “anger management issues,” sources previously told The Post.

But sources who worked with the meteorologist told People Thursday that his ousting was “unexpected” and had nothing bad to say about their former colleague.

“Rob is always positive, hands-on and never anything but professional,” one source told the outlet. “People enjoy working with him and he’s not difficult to work with.”

Meteorologist Rob Marciano was fired from ABC News Tuesday after nearly 10 years at the network. Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

He added that many people at ABC feel it was “unbelievable he was let go,” contrary to earlier reports where sources described his chronic temper issues and complaints from female coworkers who reportedly said he made them uncomfortable.

“The Rob Marciano being portrayed is not the Rob Marciano we know,” the same source told People.

“Rob has always been nothing but professional. He is truly invested in his segments, cares a tremendous amount about his final work product.”

Three other sources, all women, had similar things to say to the publication.

“Rob was always such a nice guy and I loved when he stopped by my edit room to check on his weather packages,” an unnamed editor said.

A former CNN colleague said her “heart hurts” seeing the negative coverage of the weatherman.

“Rob is great. No one championed my career in that building more than he did and no one took care of the crew in the field better than he did in my 10 years of working there,” she said. “I had plenty of really bad encounters at CNN and people who treated me terribly.”

Marciano was reportedly fired over chronic anger issues.

The third source, another former coworker said Marciano was the “nicest, most professional and respectful person I’ve ever worked with.”

“He was hard-working and kind to everyone. So many people in news can be cut-throat, or creepy, or generally unpleasant, but Rob is not one of them,” she says. “He’s the definition of a standup guy.”

Others told of a very different experience working alongside the meteorologist.

Marciano reportedly had a long-running feud with chief “Good Morning America” meteorologist Ginger Zee and was banned from the GMA set before his ousting.

But the “last straw” that led to his ultimate dismissal was a tirade that he unleashed on one of the show’s producers and which was witnessed by several staffers, according to the Daily Beast.

Marciano reportedly had a long-running feud with chief “Good Morning America” meteorologist Ginger Zee. ABC News

Sources said the weatherman let personal issues going on in his life — mainly his divorce — impact his behavior at work, showing up in a “cranky” mood or making female staffers uncomfortable by “oversharing” details about the divorce from ex-wife Eryn Marciano.

His behavior led his bosses to bar him from “GMA” studios in Times Square last year after colleagues complained to management, Page Six reported.

He was then swapped to “World News Tonight,” while occasionally filing field reports for the morning show.

An ABC News spokesperson declined to comment. The Post has reached out to Marciano and Ginger Zee.

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