This is a second part of the interview with a serial entrepreneur Roberto Hroval, a founder and chairman of Hong Kong´s Patentreal Corporation and PP8 Corp. Ltd, UK. In the first part of the interview, we covered some new ideas regarding his flagship project, Project Phoenix8. One of the most interesting parts was introducing a new, online industrial exchange. We are taking on from there.

Washington Herald: Mr. Roberto Hroval, let’s go back to the Project Phoenix8 and dealing with your industrial token, PP8. Will you offer them the way you were intended to or some change appeared there as well?

Roberto Hroval: No, PP8 industrial tokens–or “PP8 iT”–stay. After all, we distributed them among the supporters and they all have an agreed amount of them. However, there is one big change that is worth mentioning. We found another stream of income that we were not much concentrated on so far. And that revenue source increases the value of the project so much that we decided to include it into predictions.

WH: What are we talking about? Can you be more accurate?

RH: Absolutely. As you know, our core business is gathering plastic waste and used tires and degrade them into original, raw elements that these products are made of, totally green way with np emissions. That is, into high-quality carbon black and electricity.

That was it. But lately, more and more buzz was about CO2 emissions and special “coupons” that go along with it.

WH: Actually, we did one article about the CO2 benefits of PP8

RH: Oh, you did? Great. Anyways, CO2 emission is a way bigger deal than we had in mind. And when one expert suggested doing the precise calculations and LCA analysis, we were stunned. They figured out that lowering CO2 emissions, in the form of special CO2 certificates or “carbon credits”, is a whole new business of itself.

When you produce so-called negative emissions of CO2–like we are doing with the PP8 project–you can literally monetize this fact. And due to our plans, the sum of money that monetizing CO2 negative emissions brings adds tremendous value to our core business.

So now we have another valid stream of income that heavily increases the value of the PP8 project. The next logical question was: What to do with that money? Shall we reinvest it? Add it to the revenue? Taking it out from the project? Treat it separately as a project within the project? We decided to, somehow, distribute it among our supporters. That way, we rewarded them for their trust.

WH: Would that mean that your contributors–your early supporters–will get some additional gains?

RH: Exactly. We did it already; we rewarded them with additional PP8 tokens. As you know, we love to give people more than we promise. This was a huge opportunity and due to all this pandemic saga, we just wanted to express our gratitude for their trust; and let them know that we think of them. Even in these crazy times when we are unsure about what tomorrow brings, we were trying to give them something.

And that’s not all. In addition to the market value at the industrial exchange, each PP8 industrial token will also contain an added value in the form of a certain CO2 “negative emission” amount. This means the owner will personally and actively contribute to the global neutrality of the CO2 footprint.

WH: Let me stop you here. So, I go to the industrial exchange, support this outstanding renewable energy project, get some PP8 tokens that represent core project value in a form of economic gains? At the same time, the PP8 token also carries within the “CO2 certificate” gain? Then, the person puts tokens to MonaLisa Vault to save them there and doesn’t need to do anything else. And this act alone contributes to “personal CO2 neutrality”?

RH: Precisely. Each PP8 token carries its value in a carbon footprint reduction confirmed by a special LCA analysis. The volume of PP8 iTokens is known and the sum of CO2 reduction in metric tons as well. So we were able to add a precise value of CO2 reduction to each token.

And because we already have a CO2 coupon market, we also know the market price for a metric ton reduction of CO2 in dollars and cents. Then, every person that owns a CO2 certificate–this value is embedded in out iTokens– also personally and actively contributes to CO2 emission reductions.

WH: I believe PP8 iT owners would be quite happy…

RH: I am sure they will. But this is the basic idea. We would like to go back, to the roots, and emphasize basic values. We try to show that even the biggest projects are not about exploitation but collaboration. Our contributors stepped in when we needed them most. Now it is our turn to reward them as much as we can.

We would like to show other business owners as well that the main point of business is cooperation and long-term satisfaction. In the corona and post-corona situation, we noticed something that we predicted years ago: borders and lines between “big” and “small”, more important and less important, big venture capitalist and small investor vanished. There is only a human being on one side and another human being on another. Or three, twenty, hundreds, thousands…

This is a business model of the future. A green planet, high-value projects, honest communication. Everybody contributes as much he or she can, and in the end, the reward–or profit or benefit–is shared and distributed among the whole society.

At the end of the day, we all seek the same things: safety, long-term stability, company, core values, and nice people that we can be around.

Everyone has something valuable to contribute to success. Valuing a person for his contribution, being small or big, is the game of the new era. We are sure our contributors will stay with us for a very long time because we will give them way more that companies in our position usually give. And when you take care of people, the bonds become stronger and beautiful stories emerge.

So we would like to send a message to the world that business should be only a tool, a means for a happy living of all who contributed to its success in any way. We would like to restore faith and confidence in ethical investing and show people that they are valuable. No matter how much or little did they contribute to the PP8 project, they are priceless. Why don’t we show them and reward them for their trust in us?

I believe there is a whole new approach to investment and business-personal collaboration emerging. People have their money in banks or some safe investments like real estate. The major reasons are because they are afraid of anything else, they have no info about what is even possible and they have no direct access to investments. We want to change that.

WH: Roberto Hroval, these were some prophetic words and we all hope that your PP8 project will take off successfully and you show other business people as well how to properly handle contributors and investors. Your visionary approach is fresh, uplifting and I am sure you will take an honored place in business history. Thank you so much.

RH: Thank you for encouraging readers with such interviews. Let´s make something big here, even if we have to reshape the industry. And I would especially like to thank all our contributors and partners who believe in us, trust us, and stand by our side. You are the best and we are very proud that you are a part of our amazing community. Let’s change the future, together.

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