When Elon Musk tweet­ed on Friday, “The far left hates everyone, themselves included!” the only thing he got wrong was his use of the word “far.” 

The hatred, anger and resentment of liberals is not exclusive to the extreme Democrat. It’s now the entire party. 

When was the last time anyone encountered a happy Democrat? They don’t exist. They’re perpetually miserable, annoyed that normal people have moved on from COVID, offended that anyone objects to public schools teaching 7-year-olds about sexual identity, and frustrated that their fetish with “critical race theory” (also known as “how to properly hate whites!”) isn’t as widely shared as they thought. 

Consider the response to a Florida judge recently striking down the Biden administration’s loathsome air-travel mask mandate. Social media was immediately flooded with videos of flight attendants and passengers overjoyed that they had unfettered access to oxygen again. Liberals could only sulk. 

“Wearing my mask no matter what non-scientists tell me I can do,” tweeted former Obama White House aide Valerie Jarrett. She included a photo of herself decked out in an N-95, hair pulled back alarmingly tight and one of the lens of her glasses fogged up from her covered mouth. 

A perfect mascot for liberal misery. 

Elon Musk pointed out on Twitter that the "far left hates everyone, themselves included."
Elon Musk pointed out on Twitter that the “far left hates everyone, themselves included.”
Patrick Pleul/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo

Similarly at The Washington Post, columnist Kate Cohen wrote Wednesday how awful it is to see Americans ditching their masks in celebration. “I still planned to wear a mask while COVID circulated in my community because I was afraid of spreading the virus to vulnerable people,” she said. “Surely we can personally be ‘done’ with this pandemic while respecting the fact that others are not.” 

It’s not just COVID 

What she means is something more along the lines of: I don’t like that I can’t morally nag people about masks without the backing of the State anymore. 

After all, there’s nothing liberals love to do anymore these days than nag. 

Stay home! Mask up! Follow the science! All of them slogans of the forever angry Left. 

Their bitterness isn’t exclusive to COVID. It’s everywhere. The worst of it is seen on matters of race and sexual identity. 

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin wouldn’t be so hated by the left if he hadn’t put a spotlight on public schools that were teaching students that to be white is to be irredeemably awful. Florida wouldn’t be at the center of controversy right now if it weren’t for liberals believing it is their constitutional right to explain to kindergarteners who aren’t theirs what it means to be trans. 

Many liberals sulked when a Florida judge lifted the mask mandate on indoor transportation.
Many liberals sulked when a Florida judge lifted the mask mandate on indoor transportation.
REUTERS/Alyssa Pointer

Those are just the big policy fights. They’re willing to make everyone uncomfortable in small encounters as well. Not a single person reading this hasn’t experienced the angry entitlement of a liberal in social settings. They speak on political and cultural controversies with presumed impunity, certain that whatever they have to say is shared by everyone present, and if it’s not, you’re the problem for failing to agree. 

Don’t believe in vaccine mandates? They’ll get in your face. Not a fan of defunding the police? They’ll call you a racist. Opposed to transgender kids being loaded up with puberty blockers? They’ll suck all the joy out of the room without any sense of shame whatsoever. 

Normal people avoid conflict. Liberals desperately search for it. All the time. 

Elon Musk is on the right track about liberals being hateful. He just doesn’t realize how vast that hatred is. 

Eddie Scarry is a columnist at The Federalist. 

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