If you don’t mind fast fashion with an Hermès-sized price tag, a high-design Hamptons summer rental is for you.

Ease and sophistication are the draw at 26 Harbor Drive, the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 6,300-square-foot home in Sag Harbor. It’s an elegant mélange of midcentury styles (largely French) from the 1940s through the 1970s, including wall-sized wood panels by an Italian architect that were purchased at the Paris flea market, and seating that looks like it was robbed from the Museum of Modern Art.

You can rent this high-design home at 26 Harbor Drive in Sag Harbor — filled with midcentury finds and a window
wall in the living room that opens to the pool — for $850,000 a year. Trevor Tondo

“It’s got a masculine feel,” says Jon Vaccari, a broker at Hedgerow Exclusive Properties, who owns the house. “But surprisingly every year, a strong, high-power female professional rents it.” It’s seeking $850,000 a year. Vaccari, who formerly worked as an interior designer — he owned a design store in New Orleans before relocating to Sag Harbor after Hurricane Katrina, is responsible for the home’s clean and cool ambience. “It’s a great house where you may be inside, but you feel like you’re outside,” he notes.

“We used the same stone inside the house as is in the courtyard, so it feels as if you’re still outside.

The entire window-wall rolls back, and in the summer, we leave that open, so the pool becomes part of the living room. It’s so nice to sit there with cocktails.” With so many design dabblers on the East End, there’s a haute design to suit every taste.

The newly renovated 22 Glenwood Lane in Sagaponack has a barn-inspired double-height ceiling with soaring beams. Joshua McHughs

For a more playful take on classic summer style, head for 22 Glenwood Lane in Sagaponack. While it’s all tradition out front, a bright blue door hints that something fun is happening within.

Central to the home is a barnlike double-height ceiling with soaring, white-washed structural beams. Pops of color, warm wood flooring and statement lighting tie it all together. The renovation was handled by Joan Craig’s Craig & Company, the Chicago-based architectural firm known for working with Ritz-Carlton and a slew of private clubs. Listing agent Adam Hofer is seeking $50,000 for the month of July (and $30,000 for June) at the five-bedroom, five-bathroom, 2,900-square-foot spread. For something artier, you’ll need to head to Bridgehampton — just where we cannot say, as the broker declined to reveal the exact address.

Here on Sagaponack Pond, a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom, 9,151-square-foot home is filled with eye candy. Peep that kayak mounted on the living room wall. Check that canopy-esque ceiling sculpture with colored blobs that drip from geometric forms. Wonder at how they made an electric-blue table look so damn good in the foyer.

This seven-bedroom Bridgehampton rental on Sagaponack Pond is filled with eye-popping art. Brown Harris Stevens

It’s the kind of house that screams familiarity with what’s hot this week at Gagosian. Brown Harris Stevens brokers Shannan North and Peter Turino are seeking $1.75 million for Memorial Day to Labor Day for the clout.

After all, rather than buying, renovating and divorcing your spouse when they see the designer’s bill, it might just be cheaper (and more romantic) to rent.

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