Back when ladies wore tight bras and high heels, when there was old money and new wardrobe, before pandemic and economic miseries, rich ladies with high incomes and low necklines bought designer wardrobe. That’s when RealReal luxury consignment was born.

Once it was snooty. Bring highly polished Hermès leather boots — fine. Chanel suits with label intact, great. Gucci, OK. Prada shoes, fine. Armani leather jacket? Please. They sniffed like a bird had just peed on the customer.

Savvy once — the Kardashians unloaded stuff there — the place turned. Staff heavy turnover. Lawsuits. They opened brick and mortar shops. Another problem. They didn’t do well.

The idea began in 2011. Now not so good. Big-name celebrities I know still buy in secondhand consignment shops — but if you have a wedding — don’t wait. Hurry.

Cash is king in education racket

Bloomberg Business School reported, and one parent told me, that families now unload $750,000 — nearly $1 million — to squeeze their kid into an Ivy League college.

The human cash register collecting that money is Christopher Rim a Yalie from New Jersey. Ask what’s it take to shove a son/daughter into Harvard or Yale? How does he do it, what’s his connection, who’s he go to?

His answer? “$750,000.”

Command Education, his office, is a white glove college concierge op. To just consult with him a la carte is $1,500 an hour. Rim said families have moved to states like Kentucky and Arkansas to increase their chances.

Forget wondering why we have such zeroes running our country.

Jurassic bark

Dorrit Moussaieff. First Lady of Iceland 2003 to 2016. Husband Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Our presidential lunch included her German shepherd.

“I just cloned him. Biogen in Texas took blood samples plus whatever they requested. Months later came extraordinary Samson who’d inherited his predecessor’s memory, rushes to that dog’s friends, jumps all over them. Next we’ll see if he recognizes you. Moment we met he kissed me. Wagged his tail. Clearly he knew me. His likes, dislikes are the same. He never leaves my side.

“Samson’s trained. Table manners, bed manners, walks on his own, comes when called. Nature vs nurture. Cloning is the new way of giving birth.”

Straw pols

Former Rep. Tom Suozzi ran against Gov. Hochul. Lost. Wants his old seat back. Listen, beats working . . . Those soft on terror include NY Democratic socialist members who encourage Israeli boycotts, divestment, defunding the police, releasing prisoners, and destroying capitalism. These socialists need to be put out of office before they put NY out of business.

On a roll

The Infatuation’s best sandwiches: Like Frank’s Deli in Asbury Park’s thick-cut Taylor ham. No. 1 is Thai Diner in Nolita’s breakfast sandwich — “herbaceous sai oua sausage, mayo and scallions, folded egg crepe, American cheese and fresh Thai basil in a flaky roti.” To grab this right after you brush your teeth, lotsa luck.

DC just developed a new toy store with a new political doll. You wind it up and it doesn’t work.

Soon coming only to New York, kids, only to New York.

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