In a world marked by the relentless march of cutting-edge technologies and a growing emphasis on sustainability, Themis Ecosystem (TE) has emerged as a formidable force in the business arena. With a unique set of principles and standards, this multi-billion-dollar venture is making waves, driven by its commitment to revolutionize the field of waste-to-green electricity, beginning with Europe’s ground zero facility. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as TE is a bustling hub of activity with several complementary projects poised to reshape the sustainability landscape.

At the heart of TE is a visionary philosophy that seeks to digitize tangible products, making them accessible to a broader audience. This ambitious undertaking involves integrating proven projects from high-demand industries into the ecosystem and transforming their innovations into unique e-vouchers known as IRMUs (Industrial Raw Material Units) or iTos.

The availability of IRMUs is facilitated through the Online Industrial Exchange (OIX), a platform that operates in line with the principles of supply and demand. This real-time trading experience ensures exclusivity and efficiency, paving the way for a transformative shift in industrial transactions.

A Paradigm Shift in Business

The essence of TE’s framework lies in establishing a direct connection between top-tier technologies and their supporters, effectively bypassing intermediaries and fostering an inclusive environment for scaling up these innovations.

So far, TE has welcomed six distinct drivers into its ecosystem. Spearheaded by the founder, Roberto Hroval, and a dedicated in-house team, the two drivers form the core of TE’s operation. While the first, Project Phoenix8, is awaiting construction, the second, the Biomass Ultima factory, is near completion. Located in the EU, the technology specializes in converting waste wood biomass into green electricity.

According to the original plan, the Biomass Ultima factory was supposed to produce only electricity and organic carbon. After examining the situation, the team upgraded some components to make valuable wood vinegar and organic tar from waste materials. Another decision was that additional modules would be connected to the factory to produce some other products, which would be powered by excess energy. These steps were prepared to be developed a few years later but are actualized now.

One of the modules that will be launched simultaneously with the main factory is the Green Vertical Farming for producing high-quality vegetables under the John’s Organic Roots brand. The unit was built and tested in the past months and is now awaiting launch.

Later, a module for producing lab-grown diamonds under the Zeta Quantum Diamonds brand will also be added. This module will be powered by the excess electricity generated.

So far, everything is going according to the latest plans. A cumulative launch of many projects is awaiting.

The Second Auction of The Gold-Plated Bullion Coin

Another team is working tirelessly on the second public auction of the collector’s gold-plated bullion coin, which all early supporters received. Unlike the previous auction, where the company provided its own coin, this time, one of the supporters will be selected to put their coin up for auction.

The process will unfold in two distinct phases, adding an element of anticipation and community involvement. The first phase of this novel auction involves a live raffle, which will be broadcasted online. During this captivating event, a number will be drawn from a bowl, determining the fortunate owner of the bullion coin. This element of suspense will add a unique dimension to the process.

The chosen recipient will face a pivotal decision: whether to accept or decline the opportunity to put the coin up for auction. In the event of acceptance, the auction will proceed to the second phase. However, if the initial recipient declines, the team will repeat the raffle process to select another potential coin owner. This cycle will continue until an owner willing to part with their bullion coin is identified.

Following the successful completion of Phase One, the team will notify potential bidders and collectors interested in acquiring the coin. The main event, the auction, will then take place.

The winning bidder will be required to transfer the agreed-upon amount to the seller or a designated recipient, depending on the seller’s preference.

It’s important to highlight that the auction’s starting price is set at US $20,000, ensuring that the coin owner will receive a minimum of this amount, irrespective of the final bid. This innovative approach makes the auction process engaging and offers the coin owner a degree of financial security.

So far, the stage is set, and the ball is rolling. The team set all the rules and selected the presenter who would lead the auction. All bullion coin owners can expect to be contacted by a company representative shortly.

The Wood Vinegar Revolution: Eco-Friendly Agriculture and Beyond

One of the team’s most valuable upgrades for Biomass Ultima was adding wood vinegar production as a standard process. “It was a very bold and timely decision. Huge interest for it we are getting is confirming that,” Roberto Hroval commented.

In a world increasingly prioritizing sustainable and eco-friendly practices, innovative solutions that benefit the environment, agriculture, and the economy are more vital than ever. One solution that has emerged as a true game-changer is wood vinegar, also known as pyroligneous acid. This natural extract, derived from the carbonization of wood, holds the potential to revolutionize various industries and leave a lasting impact on our sustainable future.

As a non-toxic and biodegradable substance, wood vinegar offers many benefits, benefiting plants and the agricultural sector. As a fertilizer, it significantly improves nutrient absorption through plant roots, fostering robust and healthy plant growth. It fortifies plant roots and leaves, yielding more resilient crops that withstand adverse conditions.

Wood vinegar also promotes microbial activity, cultivating a healthy soil ecosystem that supports optimal plant growth and the agricultural ecosystem as a whole. It also serves as a natural pest repellent, effectively deterring pests and preventing plant infections caused by fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases.

Nonetheless, it is a costly liquid, so farmers don’t use it much. However, since the EU Commission has proposed and started to cut chemical pesticides already, wood vinegar has become one of the most viable options.

Another team has already gathered and sent the samples to the University of Agriculture for scientific tests. Experts will carry out multiplicative research in various fields and with multiple cultures.

Hroval confirmed that more and more emphasis is being placed on organic and health-friendly products. In this context, their organic tar, also produced by the Biomass Ultima plant, is also a very attractive product, as it represents a healthier substitute for tar obtained from oil.

“Our organic tar is a wood resin that has the same properties as tar from fossil fuels,” explained the founder, “but the latter contains toxic gases. Due to its volatility and use at higher temperatures, it harms health while our product is free of toxic impurities.”

Asclepius8, a Groundbreaking Natural Stress-Relief Innovation: Free Therapies for Everyone

One of the independent projects yet another team is conducting goes under the charity tag. In a bold step towards redefining stress relief and well-being, TE is gradually bringing innovative antistress technology to an end. Asclepius8 aims to provide a natural and highly effective relaxation experience, opening up new horizons for those seeking respite from stress.

The therapy sessions offered through Asclepius8 are underpinned by a well-tested, proprietary formula developed in-house. These sessions leverage the soothing properties of natural plant essences, specialized lighting, and calming sounds. The efficacy of these components has been rigorously tested in the demanding environments of hospitals, exceeding all expectations. As a result, the Themis team is confident that the wider community can now enjoy the benefits of stress reduction without encountering any adverse side effects. The most remarkable aspect is that these sessions come entirely free of charge.

The inaugural Asclepius8 unit is set to find its home on the streets of Slovenia, EU. The project has made quite a splash, and three business partners have already agreed to cooperate. In addition, the team was joined by two highly respected and recognized medical doctors from two regional countries who also want to become ambassadors of the project.

They confirmed their commitment to the project through written statements expressing their support. The first doctor wrote: “The big difference between all known solutions is that this innovative technology represents all-in-one clinical sensory performance, with high-end results, and no side effects. It is designed to promote high-end solutions and help general people in the city to decrease their stress factor by 97-98%.”

The second one contributed an extensive study, concluding it with the words: “For the fastest development of antistress technological progress, it would be most sensible to enable as wide a network of Asclepius8 modules as possible, which would allow people to learn about the positive effects of antistress physiology through modern technology. The project is socially useful, multiplicative, and globally scalable. For this reason, I support the project.”

For Themis Ecosystem, The Future is Bright

Supporters of the TE are expressing their satisfaction with the recent turn of events, fueled by a strong belief in the potential of combining innovative technologies, cutting-edge strategies, dynamic business models, and the multiplier effect. Their optimism is underpinned by the firm conviction that effective promotion will further propel the value of the whole TE and its projects.

Because TE isn’t merely a business venture, it represents a profound shift in the world of sustainable innovation, offering hope for a greener, technologically advanced future. With a pioneering spirit and innovative approach, it’s poised to leave an indelible mark on the sustainable business and technology landscape.