Due to several restrictions caused by recent events, the economy is speeding up and moving towards “must-have” industries, like energy, food, medicine, etc.

One of them represents Themis Ecosystem. It has created quite a strong buzz around the world for quite some time. The project is based on a business platform that combines breakthrough, advanced but proven, and profitable technologies, which will be relevant for at least another fifty years.

The two main “drivers,” as the founder Roberto Hroval calls the technologies, are Project Phoenix8 and Biomass Ultima. The first transforms hydrocarbons from plastic or rubber wastes into green energy, and the second uses wood waste to generate green electricity with the highest efficiency on the market. Both contribute to global warming reduction and produce other usable products.

Innovations, technologies, events, and a vision

Themis Ecosystem is a synonym for innovations. One of its all-new features is a unique electronic voucher – or e-voucher, also called Industrial Token or iTo – that allows project owners to sell their products, no matter the form.

Carbon emissions reduction is an intelligent component that upgrades everything to a higher level. As alternative energy sources, factories take CO2 from the environment and thus reduce global warming.

However, “smartness” does not end there. Negative CO2 is included in the all-in-one iTo. Consequently, someone who buys iTo automatically contributes to reducing personal, family, and global CO2 gas. Because the factory’s products fall under the “must have” category for the next fifty years, from an economic perspective, all grow and win.

There are many more smart built-in components. One of them is a strict rule about issuing iTos. Each project is allowed to issue only a limited number of them. For example, Project Phoenix8 (PP8) issued around 285 million of their PP8 iTos.

As technologies create “must have” products and the need for them will only increase, the market prices will also rise. Recent events in the geostrategic environment energy crisis, late political response with alternative sources, lack of interest in new technological breakthroughs, etc., are adding fuel to the fire. Each new step to energy independence at the EU and US national levels means a more visible result in twenty years.

Those mentioned above will cause a rapid increase in the price of iTos. The longer the buyers keep them, the more they will contribute to the reduction of CO2 gas and the higher price they will get for them.

Furthermore, Themis Ecosystem’s team hit another stroke of luck – the shocking increase in the prices of energy products and the crazy demand, which will only increase over time. Recently, they consolidated iTo’s price and future growth with a system of pre-booked or sold electricity based on five- and seven-year contracts.

The multiplier effect has already been achieved

The team has quietly managed to achieve a multiplier effect. Due to market conditions, increased demand for energy, and market uncertainty, they have managed to tap into the energy market. It is one of the highest demanding markets and almost endless.

One of the financial mechanisms enabled by iTo is the reservation of future products created by technology. Reservations of future-created products are locked by contracts (futures) for the next five to seven years.

The first star of the system is Project Phoenix8, and the second is Biomass Ultima. Work on both is ongoing simultaneously and tirelessly, aiming at both technologies to see the light of day as soon as possible. The smaller Biomass Ultima project will create 2,700 MWh of produced energy per year, and Project Phoenix8 will create 56,000 MWh per year. The current electricity price at the location of its production brings one hundred million US dollars.

The economic effect increases significantly with the expansion of the technology and taking into account the sale of the remaining products that the technologies produce.

A smart commodity market called Online Industrial Exchange or OIX is also prepared and waiting. Coupled with a (sort of) electronic personal balance sheet called the Mona Lisa Vault, the two will form a smart connecting system. They will enable some services that no other platform or system offers, such as the type and number of products owned and the recording of personal, family, and global CO2 reduction.

With the sale and reservations of energy, a proportional budget is also offered in advance for trading with iTos and providing the market cap itself. With the inclusion of assets management companies and later the interested mass of people, there is an excess of demand, and thus also faster, the rapid growth of iTos.

We also found out that Biomass Ultima, due to its agility and local needs, and booked energy sales in advance, progressed much more than was evident from media reports lately. One of the reasons is the merger with technological innovations that were initially reserved for Project Phoenix8 exclusively. The work on the construction site has started. The team is working hard to launch the factory with Biomass Ultima technology before the end of 2022.

High volume sales and energy reservations in advance mean “proof of concept” and a solid path for the larger amounts of energy that Project Phoenix8 will provide. All processes are executed masterfully, at the right time, and in the right place. And with, as it seems, the support of a Lady Luck.

More than just technology

Themis Ecosystem is not only an environment and mechanism for reducing global warming and business but also paves the way for the future, dictating new direction. Innovative projects could also be used to improve and strengthen certain socially essential areas.

The team accelerated the development and launch of some smaller projects that were meant to be launched in 2024/25. They are included in the current business plans and will be executed in the coming months.

One of them is the specially developed Asclepius8 technology, which offers free anti-stress therapy to passersby on the street. The second one is John’s Organic Roots project which will allow people to get locally produced high-quality food, regardless of the weather.

Last but not least, there is the humanitarian project We4Next Nation, through which the team has already begun to change the meaning and purpose of the donation.