A viral Airbnb location has returned to the market in central London — and now for an even more ridiculously high price. 

In January, an Airbnb listing for an $85 (£68) a night tent inside a house went viral and inspired outrage for its meager offerings and exorbitant cost. 

It was promptly removed but has freshly returned for an increased price of $100 (£80) a night, or more than $2,800 a month (and that’s before a $17-plus daily service fee), according to Jam Press. 

Quite the indoor camping experience. Jam Press/Airbnb

While the initial listing described the tents as “romantic,” the new one is a bit more level-headed. 

It warns would-be renters that since “our place is near [the] busiest business street, the tent is not [quiet] at night,” according to the Independent. Regarding security, “there are two watch system [devices] to help to protect the goods of guests. One is on top of the front window and another is on the top of the back window,” but “there is [not] any watch system inside of tent.”

The ad also states that the host will provide a mattress, bedding and towels but that guests should pack their own earplugs — and that the listed price is only for one of the three tents pictured. 

The Airbnb does include this dedicated workspace. Jam Press/Airbnb
Reviews on the listing are, perhaps surprisingly, mixed. Jam Press/Airbnb
The kitchen area. Jam Press/Airbnb
The shared bathroom. Jam Press/Airbnb
The Airbnb is in Central London. Jam Press/Airbnb
The tent on a more affordable night — on some nights it goes for as much as £80. Jam Press/Airbnb

There is a shared bathroom. 

Perhaps surprisingly, reviews are mixed. 

“The apartment is very well located and easily accessible, [the host] is responsive and responds very quickly,” reads one.

“For 1 or 2 nights we recommend because it’s pretty decent, but no more [sic],” says another.

Others, however, were less than satisfied with their indoor camping experience, with one unhappy guest complaining that “the toilets in the common areas are not clean, and the sink is not clean either” and that “we suffered the noise for 2 nights of the people from the room next door who went back and forth all night without worrying about being discreet for us.”

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