Living on the edge takes on a whole new meaning for one woman along the banks of Georgia’s Satilla River.

Meet Katie, who has the TikTok account KayakKatie, and whose mundane chore of taking out the trash is anything but ordinary — with her video documenting the long journey already racking up nearly 8 million views on the social media platform.

Katie and her husband live in complete isolation surrounded by water on all sides.

Donning her trusty “gator waders,” Katie embarks on a weekly adventure that involves navigating through swampy perils, including lurking alligators.

With her faithful Chihuahua companion in tow, she loads up her kayak with refuse and sets out across the murky waters.

The odyssey of taking out the trash begins with donning a heavy set of waders, not for fashion, but for survival in the swampy wilderness teeming with alligators.

“Step one: get your gator waders,” Katie narrates in her video, “Step two: get your Chihuahua,” she adds, stuffing her canine companion into her overalls for the adventure ahead.

Once the trash is loaded into the kayak, Katie sets off, navigating the waters with the ease of a seasoned adventurer.

But the journey doesn’t end there. Upon reaching land, she hops on an ATV to complete the trek to the dumpster, only to encounter a locked gate, adding yet another obstacle to overcome.

“Unfortunately, the guys locked it before they left this morning, so I have to walk the rest of the way,” she said.

Katie’s first step is to get her protective gear on before she enters the alligator-filled waters. TikTok / @southernadventurehunter
Once she reaches land, she takes an ATV to make the rest of the trip to the dumpster. TikTok / @southernadventurehunter
Next she puts the trash into the kayak and starts the water trek of the journey. TikTok / @southernadventurehunter
Katie then embarks through the river with her pup. TikTok / @southernadventurehunter

Undeterred, Katie presses on.

“We made it. No neighbors that way. Neighbors that way,” she quips, surveying her isolated domain.

For Katie, this rugged lifestyle isn’t just about surviving — it’s about thriving. Despite the isolation and the daily trials of living in a flood-prone area (where Hurricane Idalia took place last summer), she finds solace in the beauty and tranquility of her surroundings.

“To me, the struggles are nothing compared to the benefits of being here for our mental and physical health,” she reflects in a separate video. “The bugs, trash runs, gators, snakes, none of that compares to the peace that we feel and serenity and just being relaxed and living an amazing life.” 

The trash can is also where she goes to pick up her mail. TikTok / @southernadventurehunter

It didn’t take long for viewers to marvel at this way of living — a house in the middle of a river, completely isolated by water.

“As soon as you said step one was getting your ‘gator waders,’ I knew we were in for a ride,” one viewer remarked, echoing the sentiments of many.

“My husband acts like this is the kind of process he has to go through when I ask him to take out the trash 😭,” another quipped.

“The way my house would just be full of trash bags,” someone else said. 

Katie said she and her husband purchased the home after their two adult kids were on their own.

The Post has reached out to Katie for comment.

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