One of the most exciting projects right now is Themis Ecosystem (TE), which is already taking place in Europe.

TE is a business, environmental, and community support platform with its own rules, regulations, and goals. It selects and joins future-oriented green projects from various sectors aligned with the latest trends: waste, medicine, energy, transportation, housing, IT/AI, and food.

The founder, Roberto Hroval, decided to launch several projects aimed to be launched this year and in the next few years together. With that goal achieved, the team is at least seven years ahead of development. The task is demanding, but the team counts on the ripple effect. That is why many groups in different parts of the world speedily carry out the last missions.

Hroval confirmed that the first TE factory, the one for processing wood waste into green electricity, is developing according to plans. The construction site is getting its final shape, and machines and plants are filling their places more and more every day.

The last pieces of technical equipment are still traveling from the factory and are expected at the construction site shortly. In the meantime, many teams work tirelessly, as there is much to do to finish the factory.

The other projects are also progressing nicely. John’s Organic Roots module for Green Vertical Farming is coming to the site. The same applies to another project that will be launched at the same time as the others, the public anti-stress capsule called Asclepius8.

The OIX exchange, which will enable supporters to trade IRMUs, is also being speedily prepared. These three projects will soon get another upgrade: their own website.

Online Industrial Exchange (OIX): digitalizing tangible goods, CO2 negativity without changing lifestyle, and prosperity for everyone

As an all-in-one solution, the TE digitalizes tangible goods or final products by converting them into special e-vouchers. To do that, the team was forced to innovate a new measurement unit called IRMU (Industrial Raw Material Unit) or iTo.

One unit of IRMU includes many different parts. It is a proportional blend not only of final products the technology creates, but CO2 gas reduction is included as well.

Consequently, IRMU-holders have in their portfolio products – for example, green electricity – and a portion of CO2 reduction that technology has created during the process. The latter helps the IRMU-holders become CO2-negative without changing their lifestyles.

So far, Themis Ecosystem issued only one IRMU called PP8 IRMU/iTo. It has been a while since then, but the holders don’t complain. The PP8 IRMU is currently up over 10,000 percent from the issuing price.

One of the most exciting news is that supporters will soon be able to sell at least some of their IRMUs. So far, there is no exchange to support trading IRMUs, so the team has built one from scratch. The Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) will trade only IRMUs in a pair with fiat currencies, and all traders will be able to buy and sell them without commission and other fees.

Right now, OIX is getting its own website, but it won’t be available for trading yet. “We will allow trading in a two-step procedure,” the founder explained. “The first step will be an old-fashioned, personally-controlled way. In the second phase, we will go online and digitalize the whole experience.”

One of the tasks was to innovate a special storage for IRMUs as well. So, the team created a MonaLisa Vault that is intended for the storage of iTos solely.

However, only one function will be available at the launching time of the OIX website. It is the part connected to the upcoming auction of the gold-plated PP8 bullion coin every early investor has received.

The second auction of the gold-plated bullion coin

The event will be the second public auction. For the first one, the company provided its own coin, which was sold for around US $20,000. This time, the auction will take place in two steps. First, the team will raffle one coin’s owner live, broadcasting online, drawing the number from the bowl.

The lucky winner will have to choose whether to accept or decline the offer to put the coin up for an auction. In the case of agreement, the team will proceed to the second phase, which involves an auction. Should the initial winner decline, the team will select another recipient of the bullion coin and repeat the process. This cycle will continue until they identify an owner willing to part with their bullion coin.

The team will notify potential bidders and collectors interested in acquiring the coin.

Following the auction, the winning bidder will transfer the agreed-upon amount to the seller or a designated recipient, such as a selected charity, based on the seller’s preference. The highest bidder will also be responsible for covering any associated taxes and commissions, while the seller will handle taxes and commissions on their behalf.

The starting price will be US $20,000. This ensures that the coin owner will receive a minimum of this amount.

Two more websites are coming

The second website that is about to be launched, with an extended project description, is John’s Organic Roots Green Vertical Farming (GVF) website. The GVF unit will provide high-quality locally grown vegetables and some other cultures, yielding about 1,250 lb of crops per month.

The initial products will consist of three distinct cultures with an average selling price of approximately €3.00 to €5.00 (US $3.17 to US $6.34) per kilogram (2.20 lb). Additionally, this process will yield a remarkable CO2 reduction of 1,650 kg (3,630 lb) per unit yearly.

While vertical farming is not a new idea, some problems remain. One of the biggest ones is the extensive power consumption. GVF by John’s Organic Roots module uses about 5KW per hour and ranks among the more energy-efficient ones. But it gets even better. It solves the power consumption situation like a champ. The operating unit will not pay for power because it will use the excess energy generated by the Biomass Ultima plant.

By exclusively operating on complimentary green energy, economic gains for GVF will be even higher. There are plans to incorporate an increasing number of such modules. Every megawatt of electricity can run twenty such modules.

The highest-ranked GVF expert who engineered the world’s biggest US $150 million plant in Dubai, Sheikh’s Hamdan, has already agreed to join the John’s Organic Roots project as its supervisor. Besides special supervision, agriculture universities and academics that will supervise the project for research purposes are also joining the team.

The third project to get its website is a public anti-stress chamber – or capsule – also known as Asclepius8. Yet another thought-after, ingenious scheme belongs to the category of charity. The company decided on it at the initiative of their movement, We4Next Nation.

The therapy sessions will be delivered using a well-established, proprietary formula that harnesses the therapeutic properties of natural plant essences, specialized lighting, and calming sounds. These effects have undergone extensive testing within demanding hospital environments, consistently exceeding all expectations. As a result, recipients will enjoy stress reduction without side effects.

The inaugural Asclepius8 unit will be stationed in Slovenia, EU, ready to provide approximately three hundred individuals daily free therapy. Some regional high-ranked clinical doctors have already signed the statements to join the project, and some are already prepared to be its ambassadors. Multiple medical universities and academics specializing in research and project oversight are becoming part of this endeavor.

“This cutting-edge technology is our contribution to the local community, exemplifying the fundamental principles of the Themis Ecosystem as a platform devoted to redefining industries, promoting community advancement, and advocating environmental responsibility,” concludes Roberto Hroval.